Up to 16% off for storage rooms in RC “Traditsiya”
Up to 16% off for storage rooms in RC “Traditsiya”
1 november 2018
Promotion offer! Hurry up to purchase capacious storage rooms with discount up to 16%

Apartments are for people not for belongings! Due to convenient and easy accessible system of storage rooms in RC “Traditsiya” owners of apartments will have an opportunity to store their seasonable and large size articles here.

Inside dry and warm premises of the complex your bicycles, skies, baby strollers will be kept clean and safe and easy accessible.

Hurry up! Advantageous discounts for storage rooms are valid only by the end of November!

Don’t miss a chance! Number of storage rooms is limited!

For detailed information on promotional conditions and prices please contact the sales department in RC“Traditsiya” at: Kyiv, 3, O. Pchilky St.

044 209 90 77