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Specialist to the technical department



  1. Higher technical education (“industrial and civil construction” preferable);
  2. Knowledge of acting regulation documentation (DBN, DSTU, SNiP, etc.);
  3. Knowledge in advanced technologies of construction works.
  4. Knowledge of the market of modern construction materials.
  5. Experienced PC-user: MS Office, MS Project, AutoCad, Revit (preferable);
  6. Commitment, level-headedness, responsibility, high motivation level in professional growth.




  1. Checking of design documents under sections «АР», «ГП» «Р» stage.
  2. Recording of digital archive of drawings, for internal use by the specialists of construction department.
  3. Recording of drawing register, which have been approved/adopted by the technical department with the mark “For execution”.
  4. Analysis and amendments to design documents contradicting internal standards and requirements of the technical department.
  5. Checking and refinement of the card of technical decisions in the part of technical content in accordance with internal standards and requirements under regulations documents in effect.
  6. Drafting of technical statement for the budget of the general contracting and tender in the part of the data related to major volumes of construction works and completion of design output data.
  7. Checking of offers for the budget of the general contracting and input bids for compliance with technical statement and design project.
  8. Checking of contract prices and extra budgets for compliance with design projects, in the part of major volumes of construction and acceptance of general types of materials.
  9. Operative management and technical monitoring of construction objects, in the part of optimization of design solutions, development and unification of technical solutions, recording of cumulative sheets, analytical estimations, analysis of complaints and drafting of technical conclusions.
  10. Visiting construction objects to establish optimal, reliable and technically weighted design solutions or otherwise required by line managers.

Conditions of work, salary, perspectives: during personal interviewing.
Any questions please send to:
e-mail: hr@intergal-bud.com.ua;
or call by: +38(067) 265-45-44

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