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Intergal-Bud is the most trusted construction company that works for people

Having passed the rapid development path since 2003, we have achieved significant results in the field of construction of residential and commercial real estate in Ukraine.

Kyiv Zhitomir Rivne Lviv Uzhhorod Mukachevo Chernivtsi


2017 became the year of implementation of modern ambitious projects in the capital. More than 250 thousand square meters were built this year in Kiev and in the suburbs. m of comfort class accommodation.


In 2017, an active construction of original residential projects was held in Lviv, in particular, LLC "City" and LCD "Semitsvit".


Modern residential complex in Chernivtsi on the street. Mizuna is built near the center in the park area, in a cozy area of the city.


The company has serious intentions about housing construction in Zhytomyr. The first swallow was the delivery of a house on the Boulevard "Stariy".


Residential complexes built by Intergal-Bud are located in different parts of the city. They successfully supplemented the urban environment of Rivne and became the business cards of their districts.


LCD «Nova Rafanda» and complex on the street. Klimpush in Uzhgorod have become examples of modern housing construction in the European style.

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