3m2. New quarters: which RCs are being built according to the approved DTP of Kiev

  • 25/09/2017

3m2 has found out which residential complexes from the latest approved detailed plans of the territories have already begun to build:

"Teremki" RC

The historical area Pheophania - a part of Goloseevsky district between the streets of Akademik Zabolotny, Akademika Lebedeva and Metrologichna - is also expected to change. The area on which the detailed plan was developed is 240 hectares. In July last year, it was possible to resolve issues relating to the preservation of a multi-level interchange, protective green areas, and the DTP (detailed plan of territory) was adopted. According to this plan, the development of the quarter will be carried out by sectional houses with a storey of mainly 4-9 floors.

In addition to housing, several kindergartens for 1,400 places were projected, schools for 4,715 places and a lyceum for 750 students. Transport infrastructure will improve the reconstruction of the street. Academician Zabolotny: construction of a multi-level interchange and renovation of underground passages is envisaged.

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