5 out of 10: residential complexes of "Intergal-Bud" are the winners of the III Independent Audit of the quality of sales departments

  • 22/06/2017

According to the results of the III large-scale study of the quality of work of the sales departments conducted by URE Club together with an independent auditor Audit of Sales, it is the third place in the segment of residential complexes of the comfort class of the settlement of «Nyvky-Park» RC.

At the second honorary step in this category of housing - sales department of «Malakhit» RC.

The first 10 best selling departments also have such residential complexes as «Demiivka», «Park Lakes» and «Traditsia».

Sincerely grateful for this assessment and trust!

Learn more: https://ureclub.com/en/news/pidvedeno_pidsumki_drugogo_masshtabnogo_auditu_prodazhiv_zhk_kieva_ta_oblasti_170