7 apartments in new buildings in Kyiv at a price of up to 500 thsd UAH

  • 26/04/2017

You can buy a budget flat not only in the suburbs, but also in the capital. In this price segment, they mostly offer the so-called smart apartments - a small one-room apartment with a compact layout. Most often this is a studio, but sometimes there are also standard layouts in which the kitchen is isolated from the living room.

3m2 studied in which residential complexes you can buy an apartment worth up to 500,000 UAH - today this amount is equivalent to almost $19,000.

Thus, in the first section of the seventh house, "Yaskravy" RC offers to buy a one-room studio apartment of 25 sq. m for 500 thsd UAH. The complex of seven houses with a height of up to 25 floors continues to be built on the Minsk massif, the first houses of "Yaskravy" have already been inhabited.

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