“The buyer is now consciously approaching the choice of an apartment and is looking for housing" for himself "

  • 17/01/2020

- How many Intergal-Bud facilities were commissioned in 2019?

- We commissioned 220.5 thousand square meters. in 12 residential buildings in Kiev and the region in 6 residential complexes - “Parkovy ozera”, “Yaskraviy”, “Malachite”, “Otradny”, “Nivki-Park”, “Ozerniy Gay Hatnoe”. This is 67% more than in 2018: then we built and commissioned 148.1 thousand square meters in 8 houses.

We have fully completed the construction in two large projects - "Otradny" and "Yaskravy." Immediately 5,000 families in 2019 received the keys to their apartments. Both of these complexes are built in the comfort class. We have made every effort to create a truly comfortable living environment in them. For example, in the Yaskravy residential complex in Obolonsky district, a private kindergarten for 100 children was built, a football field was created and the parking problem was solved thanks to a spacious parking equipped with fire extinguishing and ventilation systems, as well as charging for electric cars. The complex has a children’s club, sports studio, various shops and facilities for services and services, places for recreation and sports.

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