Future is with the comfort-class dwelling

  • 30/09/2016

First comfort-class residential complexes appeared on Ukrainian market just several years ago, however currently they share more than 40% of the market. And there is no wonder, since comfort class dwelling combines all the advantages of business-class, while the prices are significantly less and affordable for regular buyers. When you compare the economy- and comfort class apartments the benefits are even more obvious.

Here everything required for comfort life is available – high-quality architectural and layout solutions, well-developed internal social infrastructure and secured adjoining territory, easy transport accessibility. Mostly, such buildings are raised with the use of the frame type cast-in-place methods and advanced and environmentally friendly materials, quality heat and sound-proof insulation, high-speed elevators and sound absorbing windows.

Let’s review in details the advantages of comfort-class apartments.


Comfort-class dwelling has nothing to do with typical and replicable buildings. It is always high-quality and modern architecture featuring inherent and original style, which stands out the standard urban development and is itself an advertising of the complex. For instance, the design of "Malakhit" RC was developed by the best design-studio “Archimatika”.


Layouts of the apartments in comfort-class complexes are always ergonomic, thoroughly developed and convenient for comfortable life of the modern man. Additionally, the buildings built under the frame type cast-in-place technology are characterized by the minimum number of loadbearing structures; hence, there is always an opportunity to alter the floor planning in accordance with certain preferences. The floor area of the one-room flat is about 40 to 46 m2, two-room – about 60 to 67 m2, three-room – 90 to 95 m2. However more compact options with floor area from 20 to 25 m2 appear.


One of the peculiarities of the comfort-class dwelling includes the “decoration from the developer” service. It enables to avoid the troubles concerning the refurbishment, and significantly save your time and money, because the developer purchases the materials on the wholesale prices. Intergal-Bud offers this opportunity in "Yaskravyi", "Park Lakes", "Traditsiya", "Ozernyi Hai Gatne", "Nyvky Park" and "Otradny" residential complexes.


Economy-class complexes, as a rule, are not able to declare the developed internal infrastructure. Availability of the sufficient number of playgrounds and sports areas, kindergarten or even a school, service offices, shops or trade center, high-quality landscape design is somehow mandatory feature for comfort-class housing. Perhaps the best example is the "Park Lakes" RC. Here there is everything which might be required for comfort living, namely, kindergarten for 140 kids, parking area, football mini-field, basketball court and even outdoor roller rink with rides, clinic, own trade center with area of 1,500 m2 with supermarket "NOVUS" and fitness-center.

Parking lots

Areas in front of the economy-class buildings are often looks like parking lots where the cars occupy the entire free space. Territories of the most comfort-class complexes include ground and underground parking places capable of placing most of the residents’ cars. It depends on the area of a certain land plot and number of apartments in the complex. For example, within "Park Lakes" project "Intergal-Bud" built separately located parking area, while in "Demiivka" and "Malakhit" RC there is an underground parking accessible by elevator without leaving the building.


In comfort-class complexes the special attention is paid to the safety issues. The territory of such complexes is commonly fenced and secured; perimeter is video monitored, thus one can feel perfectly safe. It is worth noting that this option is of higher demand in economy-class complexes too. Thus, the territory of the residential complex "Tradytsiya" is also to be equipped with security system.

Landscaped territory

Properly designed space creates the conditions for some rest from vanity city. This is exactly what every resident of megacity is looking for nowadays. Pleasant promenades, availability of high quality playgrounds and sports areas definitely contribute into competitive advantages of comfort-class complexes.

For instance, residential complex "Malakhit" includes safe and green courtyard; additionally the roof of the building 3 accommodates lounge-zone, which will be highly appreciated by those connoisseurs of beauty and practicality.

In view of the above, it can be concluded that comfort-class dwelling is exactly what every developer should offer to its buyers. Dwelling is just a space for life, and it must make it descent and comfortable. 


Anna Layevskaya, Head of the Department for analysis of the developing company "Intergal-Bud"