"Breathable" ceramoblocks from "SBK" - the basis of construction of "Intergal-Bud"

  • 13/03/2020

During the meeting, it was first and foremost the importance of building quality and correct materials. The benefits of using ceramics in construction are obvious. According to the characteristics of the ceramic block does not lose, and even exceeds the brick. Cheap bricks often do not meet the standards due to the lack and use of old equipment, because of which it loses strength, deteriorates, and a properly made ceramic block is pure clay, without harmful impurities and components. Therefore, the ceramic block occupies the lion's share of the market in the segments comfort + and business, business +, allowing to create modern in architectural design, quality of construction and conceptual filling of the LCD. Moreover, it is through the use of high-quality high-tech ceramic block from "SBC", which is larger than the brick size, is able, first, to reduce the cost of purchasing this material and, accordingly, their impact on the total cost per square meter, and, Second, save time for masonry and build houses at a higher rate.

Expert in the real estate market Victoria Bereshchak, in particular, noted that the quality of construction is among the top basic criteria for a modern buyer, along with location, concept, infrastructure and price. A solvent investor expects to get an energy efficient, sustainable and most importantly eco-friendly home for their own money. That is why he draws attention to what the builder builds from and how he chooses partners. The similar collaboration between two strong companies - "Intergal-Bud" and "SBK" - which lasts for many years and has a result on 20 finished buildings, only certifies that the modern technologies of production and quality of domestic building materials meet the expectations of stability, sound insulation, low thermal conductivity and good vapor permeability.