The house begins with its lobby, like the theater with its cloakroom

  • 02/04/2018

Business-class residential complex Volodymyrskyi, flagship project of the famous Ukrainian developer Intergal-Bud is dynamically developing in the center of the capital city.

The entire architectural features of the complex are appropriate to its high status. Entrance group being the first welcoming guests gives an impression of an elite building.

Lobby area in RC Volodymyrskyi is styled in art-deco, which is the uniform one for the entire complex. Solely high-quality materials are to be used for decoration of the building в.

Exquisite ceramic tiles simulate rare rock patterns, while glass and mirrors contribute into feeling of lightness and high style. Hand-painted patterns of modern wall finishing make the visitors to admire textured surfaces. Elegant wooden panels add aristocracy to the interior decoration.

Lobby premises are highlighted with extra-modern wall lamps made of textile and chrome plated metal, as well as with elegant and laconic light fixtures. There will always be enough light in the lobby due to spot lights and simulation windows on the ceiling, which altogether create special atmosphere and provide proper lighting of the lobby.

High-end elevators with chrome plated doors look like high-tech inclusions in the classic environment. At than, interior decoration of elevator cabins fully meets the requirements for business-class apartments: they will be furnished with classic panels of precious wood.

Leather sofas and tables will make your stay in the lobby comfortable irrespective of its duration. Nearby the place for concierge is arranged, who is the main person to manage over the services in the house, and umbrella stand.

Lobby area in RC Volodymyrskyi strongly emphasizes the style and respectability of the entire complex!