Construction police should introduce proper order in Kiev

  • 15/09/2016

More than a year has passed from the moment when decentralization function of the State Architectural and construction control authority had been launched. By all appearances, local authorities should have put all the things in order in the field of urban construction, however, as the majority of towns and cities, our capital city is hesitant to assume the responsibilities. Almost every week we can hear about new scandals related to construction. It is obvious that some radical measures are required which would allow to push the situation.

Quite recently the President of Kiev Organization of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine Georgiy Dukhovichnyi has stated on the need to create construction police in Ukraine, the mission of which would be in clearing the market from unfair developers, who cast a shadow over entire market players.

Moreover, the city requires the service authority, which would uphold the interests of bona fide developers against fake activists and participant of protest rallies, which feature the scale of combat operations recently.

It is essential that the city management meet the wishes of developers. For instance, on September 14, Vitaliy Klichko had a meeting with the heads of the largest construction companies of Live in order to find the way out of the current situation occurred on the construction sites of the city. Following the meeting, the Memorandum of cooperation in the field of securing the rule of law, order and mutual understanding with the community in the course of construction activities in the territory of Kiev has been signed. Now the developers, city, police and community have received the mechanism promoting the dialogue between all the parties to the construction process.

Construction police should be composed of not only the enforcement officers, but rather of the specialists understanding all the specificities of urban construction activities. When the attempts of illegal construction are prevented in the very beginning, many scandals could be avoided.

If we start introducing the order today, soon we’ll be able to make our city genuinely European capital free of destroying buildings, inappropriate high-rises, but with good roads, cozy public environment and smiling passer-by. 


Anna Layevskaya, Head of the Department for analysis of the developing company "Intergal-Bud"