“La Mer construction will begin after the slope at station 13 is strengthened”

  • 06/05/2020

In the summer of 2019, in Odessa, a confrontation has been unleashed between different groups of public activists over the construction of the La Mer LCD complex, a complex of luxury apartments, at the 13th station of the Big Fountain. Some claim that the work is being carried out illegally, while others - that this is a competitive showdown between developers. The conflict has already entered the legal field, several lawsuits have been filed by opponents of the construction, so far the court has decided to temporarily suspend permission to build a residential complex until the case is essentially examined. Below is the official position of the developer "Intergal-Bud", which was shared by Roman Leshenko.

- Tell us in more detail what is being built at the 13th station of the Big Fountain?

- LCD La Mer is a modern complex of premium apartments that looks like a cruise liner, with swimming pools and observation terraces. I am convinced that this project will decorate the city and attract large investors to Odessa - tourists, businessmen, politicians. And this, in turn, will no doubt increase the welfare of city residents working in the service sector and related industries. Especially now, when, due to quarantine, Odessa has a unique opportunity to become a resort center that attracts tourists from all over Ukraine. Realtors say that almost all hotels and apartments for this summer are already booked. But we want them to rest in Odessa after quarantine, and not in Turkey, EU countries or Thailand. For this, it is necessary that a modern tourist infrastructure appears in the city. We understand that there is currently no facility that could compete with La Mer in Odessa. We set a new bar for local developers. We are ready to develop the city, continue to build at our own expense, despite the crisis and quarantine. Because we see the construction of La Mer as a very promising investment in Odessa. Firstly, only to build this complex it is necessary about $ 20 million, which will be received by local builders, sellers of building materials and many other residents of Odessa who directly or indirectly work with the construction industry. Secondly, renting apartments in La Mer is, in fact, a ready-made and very profitable business. Studios on 30-36 square meters can bring their owners in a good season about $ 100 per day. In addition, we are improving the tourism and engineering transport infrastructure. We are laying new communications - gas, electricity, water supply, sewage, building a new road. We will tidy up the beach, make it European as in the best resort cities in the world.

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