We are Building a Kindergarten and a School

  • 05/07/2019

Intergal-Bud began the construction of a kindergarten and an elementary school on the territory of RC Nyvky-Park in Sviatoshynskyi district of Kyiv. This was reported in the media office of the company.

The three-storey educational complex will include a pre-school educational institution and an elementary school.

The total footage of the building is 2,232 m2. The complex is designed for 100-120 children.

It means that the residents of RC Nyvky-Park don`t have to worry about their children, they will not have to wait for a place in educational institutions for years or take their children to a kindergarten a few kilometers from home.

We`d like to remind you that Intergal-Bud has already built a kindergarten in RC Parkovi Ozera (there are about 200 children now), as well as a kindergarten for 100 kids in RC Yaskravy.

Earlier in 2019, the company also began construction of kindergartens in RC Malachite.

The company has also planned the construction of kindergartens for 100 children in separate buildings in RC Syretski Sady, RC Academ Kvartal and RC Tradytsia. The company plans to build a secondary school and two kindergartens in RC Ozernyi Hai Hatne.