Are capital developers ready to take on the modernization of so-called "khrushchevki"

  • 11/04/2017

“Only in Kiev, about 7.5 million square m of such housing (more than 2,000 homes), ”says Anna Laevskaya, Deputy Commercial Director of the Intergal-Bud company, in a commentary to StroyObzor.

In order to solve the problem of an outdated housing stock, in the view of Anna Laevskaya, it is necessary: ​​first, to create a legal framework that resolves the issues of demolishing dilapidated houses and relocating residents, and also determines the principles of interaction between city authorities and real estate developers in this program; secondly, to work out and approve the principles of resettlement, the norms and coefficients according to which new housing will be provided instead of the demolished.

“After this, it will be possible to organize contests for“ zonal reconstruction projects ”in which large developers can take part, proposing their solutions for replacing outdated housing. And after determining the winner of the competition, which should contain the construction deadlines, guarantees for future homebuyers, supported by state guarantees, the reconstruction process itself will begin, ”says the company's Deputy Commercial Director.

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