Prices for new buildings in the capital. What to expect in April?

  • 09/04/2019

“The average cost per square meter in the primary housing market in Kyiv and the region remains stable. On the eve of elections in some parts of the capital, it even noticeably “slipped”. Portal "KievVlast" took a comment about the price situation on the new building in April from the commercial director of "Intergal-Bud" Anna Laevskaya.

“In March, the average hryvnia cost per square meter of housing in new buildings in Kiev practically did not change. A slight decrease in the cost occurred in the Podolsk, Pechersk, Shevchenko and Obolonsky districts within 1000 UAH per square meter. This is due to the concentration in these areas of housing business and comfort class, for which such a fluctuation with an average price of 30-35 000 UAH per square meter is not significant.

We can note a slight decrease in the activity of buyers who do not cancel, but transfer transactions due to political instability.

Further fluctuations in the cost of housing and activity in the market of new buildings will depend on the dollar and the peaceful completion of elections in the country. "

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