CITY HUB gives a business bestseller to its customers

  • 12/06/2020

The CITY HUB business-class residential complex, which is being built rapidly in the city center, and BookChef have announced a collaboration. The first joint action is a book as a gift to everyone who applies for an apartment in CITY HUB.

What kind of book is it and why is it valuable for our residents-entrepreneurs? This is a long-awaited bestseller about Dmitry Dubilet "Business in Common Sense" with the autograph of the hero. A publication with practical cases of a successful businessman has only recently appeared on the market and our residents will be among the first to receive it. The current and popular novelty is a clear demonstration of the mission of the CITY HUB team - to support and develop its business community, offering the most relevant and interesting.

CITY HUB is a business class complex located on Kudryashova Street. From it to hand to TOP locations of the city. With CITY HUB you are always in the center of events! Join!