Business Capital Mefia. SMART-solution for small investors

  • 28/09/2017

The authoritative media "Business Capital" has raised the topic of small apartments. According to the editors, investing in small-sized housing is becoming increasingly popular, saving money to the buyer at the stage of real estate operation. And yet, for most investors, this is an intermediate stage and only the first step to purchasing a more comfortable apartment.

As analysts emphasize, the appearance of small apartments is natural for the post-crisis market. Demand in their favor is shifting, as Ukrainians begin to measure their capabilities and needs, giving preference to options that they really can afford. Most of these proposals in new residential complexes in Kiev and the region.

"SMART-apartments are also a great alternative to renting, since its cost is equal to the rental rate for several years. Such apartments are in demand both at the excavation stage and in houses at the final construction stage. Installment and credit are always relevant for buyers of such housing", comments Anna Laevska, the commercial director of "Intergal-Bud" company.

"There is no glut in the market for small-sized housing. Moreover, new formats are emerging on the market, demand can be ranked depending on locations. For example, in our Yaskravy residential complex on Obolon, larger apartments are in good demand. But in locations near the metro, with good transport interchange, where the purchase for rent is interesting, small apartments are in high demand.

In the objects of the company "Intergal-Bud" small apartments occupy up to 10% in the total supply. The features of such apartments are competent zoning of the space, wide panoramic windows. The studio's format allows the buyer to more freely handle square meters, in many apartments niches for kitchen furniture and a wardrobe are already planned. ”

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