Business Capital Media. Residential real estate: active growth

  • 26/03/2018

This year, the market of new buildings of the capital will continue to develop actively , the competition between developers will increase, and prices will continue to grow. About what buyers intend to invest and what tendencies will be characteristic for the primary market, Business Capital Media found out from the experts.

Commercial Director of "Intergal-Bud" company Anna Laevskaya provided her comments:

“Over the past year, the leaders of the residential real estate market have demonstrated steady sales growth. For example, Intergal-Bud’s growth was more than 80% based on the sold square meters. At the same time, high competition encourages developers to respond quickly to buying preferences, and buyers , in turn, begin to make higher demands on housing. A modern residential complex must meet all the requirements that will ensure comfortable living and leisure activities for each family member.

The concept of building a residential complex, including original architectural solutions, infrastructure content, ease of planning, etc., comes to the fore. Therefore, leading developers have begun to focus on innovation, comfort and prestige of living.In general, the highest rates of sales in the market are still typical for new residential complexes at the start of sales, where apartments are offered at a low price with long installments. Also successful are projects of reputable developers who maintain high rates of sales due to their reputation and quality of construction.

We are pleased that more and more of our buyers began to regard the purchase of an apartment as a business investment, the acquisition of an asset that can not only save money, but also generate income. Housing, having sufficient liquidity in the market, is already quite successfully competing with bank deposits, precious metals, stocks and other traditional forms of savings and capital augmentation. Of course, this trend confirms the already established image of Intergal-Buda as a financially reliable and responsible company.This year, Intergal-Bud intends to launch eight new residential projects in the capital at once, and the development program until 2020 envisages the implementation of more than 3.5 million square meters. m

We are starting construction of innovative complexes in the business segment in which unique pieces will be implemented.Due to increasing competition in the market, developers are increasingly paying attention to non-price factors of demand formation, including improved infrastructure, architectural originality of the project, unique features in the form of an exploitable roof, landscape design, interesting landscaping elements, etc. Although an important factor in choosing housing for buyers remains the total budget of the purchase and future payments for the maintenance of the apartment.

In addition to the quality characteristics of real estate, companies are actively using financial levers of demand management, in particular, the ability to regulate pricing through shares, discounts, seasonal offers, square meters as a gift, installments, etc. For example, we use the installment tool, in fact, replaces the program mortgage bank lending and provides an opportunity to attract a wider range of buyers. By the way, "Intergal-Bud" provides the longest installment period on the market - up to 10 years with a down payment of 5%.

Our company is one of the few who offers turnkey repair, that is, we can buy an apartment with a fine finish. In addition to saving time and money, the buyer receives guarantees for materials and repairs. We also actively provide the trade-in service, thanks to which you can sell an old apartment and purchase a new one in our residential complexes. All these tools make it possible to keep abreast of consumer sentiment, reach new audiences and effectively balance the supply-demand structure.

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