Dynamics of construction on 09.06.2017

  • 09/06/2017

Dynamics of construction on June 9


LCD "Yaskravy"


House number 4:


Installation and commissioning of elevators - 97% (the device of technical elements).


Finishing of common areas - 88% (painting; applying decorative plaster, facing with ceramic tiles on the 1st floor).


The internal power supply system is 97.5% (the installation of electrical switchboards and light bulbs in common areas continues).


The internal heating system - 99% (work is almost completed).


The internal water supply and sewerage system - 98% (installation of dies; it remains to install washbasins in the finished apartments).


Fire alarm installation - 80% (installation of equipment continues).


Installation of low-voltage systems - 80% (installation of the control panel).


Device on-site networks - 98% (it remains to install lights).


Landscaping completed.


House number 5:


The monolithic frame device is 100% complete.


Brickwork completed.


Installation of window designs - 98% (the work is almost completed).


Plumbing works - 74% (the layout of the heating pipes on the floors).


Electrical work - 68% (electrical cable layout on the floors).


Low-voltage systems - 60%.


Plaster walls - 50% (in the 19th floor).


Floor screed - 70% (in the 24th floor).


The device masonry on the roof - 100%.


Roof installation - 55% (waterproofing continues).


House number 6:


In sections No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, work on the pile field was 100% completed and preparations for the installation of foundation slabs were completed. The reinforcement of the foundation slab in section 2 continues.


House number 7:


The device of the monolithic frame section number 1 - 50%. In the 15-16th floor.


The device of the monolithic frame section number 2 - 46%. In the 14th-15th floor.


Brickwork is being carried out: section No. 1 - 11% (in work 3-5, 7-9 floors), section No. 2 - 5% (and work in the 2-3rd and 5th floors).


The device of ventilation ducts is being carried out: in sections No. 1 and No. 2, the work was done on 29% (in the work of the 10-11th floors).


Performed waterproofing and insulation of the basement.


LCD "Lake Guy Hatne"


House number 2:


Foundation device - 100%.


Basement walls waterproofing - 100%.


Wall construction - 55% (brickwork of the 3rd floor).


The device of monolithic floor slabs - 50% (3rd floor).


The device partitions - 10% (3rd floor).


House number 3:


Foundation device - 100%.


Basement walls waterproofing - 100%.


Wall construction - 10% (brickwork on the 4th floor).


The device of monolithic floor slabs - 55% (3rd floor).


The device partitions - 5% (3rd floor).


House number 4:


The foundation has been completed.


Made a coupler for waterproofing for the device base plate.


Basement walls - 40% (basement walls flow).


House number 5:


Foundation device - 100%.


Basement walls construction - 80% (basement walls flow).


The device of floor slabs - 5% (base)



LCD "Demeevka"


House number 1: all construction work completed


House number 2:


The vertical elements of the 9th floor are being built.


Mounted ventilation units on the 5th floor.


Backfilling continues.


The brickwork began on the ground and 1st floors.


The construction of monolithic structures of entrance groups, entrances to basements, etc. continues.


LCD "Park Lakes"


House number 11:


The construction of external walls and partitions (masonry) - is performed on the 25th and technical floors (93%). The device of internal walls and partitions is performed on the 24th and technical floors (92%).


Roof installation - the work was completed by 20%.


Installation of window structures continues on the 24-25th floors (91%).


The construction of the facades continues - insulation of the balconies (15%).


Wall plastering is performed on the 18th, 22nd floors (74%).


Plumbing works - installation of pipes for water supply, sewage and heating (34%).


Floor screed is performed on the 12th floor (39%).


Installation of the internal power supply system - works are carried out on the risers of the 1-25th floors (35%)


Low-voltage systems - installation of risers (41%).


The installation of ventilation ducts (33%) and the installation of elevators (11%) are continuing.


House number 12:


The monolithic frame device is made on the 16th floor (59%).


The device walls and partitions: performed on the basement, 2-3rd and 5th floors (9%).


The device ventilation channels - is performed on the 15th floor (52%).


House number 13:


The construction of the main pile field, including piles of tower cranes, has been completed.


The base plate is made on all 3 sections.


The construction of the monolithic frame continues - reinforcement and concreting of the 2nd-3rd floors (11%).


Residential complex "Tradition"


House number 3:


Device parapets and vertical elements of the 27th floor.


Brick masonry on the 18th to 23rd floors.


Installation of window structures made on the 9th-13th floors.


Electrical work is performed on the 9-11th floors.


The piping of heating and plumbing on the 6th-9th floors continues.


Installation of sanitary risers continues (in the work of the 14-26th floors).


Plaster walls - in the work of 6-9th floors.


Screed flooring continues on the 5th floor.


House number 2:


The construction of the floor slab of the 2nd floor continues.


LCD "Malachite"


The following works are being carried out at the construction site of house No. 3:


The device of the monolithic frame in all 4 sections is completed.


The basement waterproofing device is almost complete:


section 301 - 98%;


sections 302-303 - 98%;


section 304 - 95%.


The device walls and partitions:


section 301 - 67% (laying on the 17-18th floor);


sections 302-303 - 100%;


section 304 - 68% (laying on the 18th-19th floor).


Installation of window structures:


section 301 - 50% (11th floor);


sections 302-303 - 99% (work on the glazing of technological openings for the supply of materials is being completed);


section 304 - 45% (11-12th floors).


Backfilling - it remains to perform a vertical layout for the final improvement:


section 301 - 90%;


sections 302-303 - 90%;


section 304 - 90%.


House number 4:


Works on the device of a ditch are performed. Section 404 is the device slabs of the 1st floor.


Works on the device of the pile field of sections 405 and 406 are completed. Work began on concrete preparation.


The foundation of parking №4 has been concreted, the monolithic walls of the parking are being constructed.


LCD "Nyvky Park"


House number 1:


The monolithic frame device is complete.


The device walls and partitions:


section A - the 16th and the technical floor in work, section B - the 14th technical floor in work, section C - the 13th technical floor.


The installation of window structures continues: in sections B, C in the 8th floor, in section A - the 12-13th floors.


The installation of internal engineering continues.


Work continues on interior decoration: screed floor and plaster on the 5-6th floors.


The roofing system continues in sections A and B.


House number 2:


Device monolithic frame:


Section G — parapet system completed; Section D — parapet system.


The device walls and partitions:


sections G and D - 6-7th floors.


The installation of window constructions continues: in sections G and D - the 4th floor is in operation.


House number 3:


In section G, work is underway on arranging the floor slab on the 2nd floor, on section D there is a floor slab on the 2nd floor, in Section D, the vertical elements of the 2nd floor are being constructed.


House number 4:


Section B continues the construction of vertical basement elements, in section C, the base plate is made, in section E, the device of the basement floor slab.


LCD "Otradny"


House number 1:


The monolithic frame device is 86% complete.


Brick wall: 1st floor - 100%, 2nd floor - 96%, 3rd floor - 96%, 4th floor - 96%, 5th floor - 96%, 6th floor - 96% , 7th floor - 40%, 8th floor - 96%, 9th floor - 93%. In the work of the 10th floor (40%) and the 11th floor (60%).


The brickwork of the basement continues.


Installation of window structures continues: work on the 6th floor.


Backfill done.


Plaster walls - work is being done on the 3rd floor.


Plumbing work continues (installation of risers).


House number 2:


The monolithic frame device is 76% complete.


Work is underway on the installation of brickwork: on the 1st and 2nd floors, the work was done at 100%, on the 3rd floor - 84%, on the 4th floor - 84%.


Work continues on the installation of waterproofing basement.


Began backfilling.


House number 3:


Reinforcement and concreting performed at 40% (floor slab device on the 7th floor).


Work continues on the installation of waterproofing basement.


House number 4:


Base plate is made. Ground floor is reinforced. The foundation plate is being reinforced.


House number 5:


The pit is made. Pile test completed.


Residential complex "Teremki"


On the I stage of the complex is the reinforcement of vertical overlaps between the 3rd and 4th floors.


At stage II of the construction work continues on testing piles.