TOP new buildings under construction in Gatne Village

  • 02/10/2017, that is portal about real estate. has prepared the TOP new buildings under construction in Gatne Village in Kiev region.

" The first place had been occupied by "Lake hai Gatne" RC with the price from 11 980 UAH / m²". It is located in Gatne Village on Svoboda Street, 1. The project is building by "Intergal-Bud" company. In this complex is planned to build 49 houses in height from four to ten floors. The new object belongs to the comfort class. "Lake hai Gatne" is planned for 6800 apartments.

The complex implements the concept of "city in the city." On the territory of the residential complex “Lake hai Gatne” will be created their own social infrastructure. The developer will build two kindergartens, an elementary school, a medical clinic, a sports and fitness complex with a swimming pool and a supermarket. On the first floors of the houses will place the commercial premises of the service sector.

The "highlight" of the new building will be the lakes with landscaped beaches. Wooden arbours for rest will be built on the beaches and a barbecue area will be arranged. In the reservoirs, residents of the complex will be able to fish from specially equipped for this floating berths - pontoons. A separate pontoon construction company will build a wedding ceremony on it. The celebration itself can be held in a restaurant with a summer terrace. On the territory of the lakes the developer settled swans.Improvement of the yard in the residential complex "Lake Guy Hatne" will be carried out using the technologies of landscape design. For irrigation of green spaces will be equipped with a special irrigation system. The complex provides for the creation of a pedestrian boulevard and recreation areas. Ride a bike can be equipped on the tracks.

For the entertainment of children will install several thematic playgrounds, the exact number of which will be known closer to the completion of construction. The complex is planned to open a pump-room with artesian water from a well drilled to the Jurassic horizon. By the spring of 2018, the developer promises to bring to the residential complex its own branch of the sewage system, which can be used by the rural clinic. A bonus to the arrangement of Gatne Village social infrastructure  will be a new fire station.

The territory of the residential complex "Lake hai Gatne" will be closed. Access to the courtyard will be through a barrier. The maintenance of the residential complex "Lake hai Gatne" will be engaged in its own operating company.

For the convenience of residents, “Intergal-Bud” undertakes to make a departure from the complex to the Odessa highway ”.

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