Two multimedia benches from «Intergal-Bud» decorated «Nyvky» park

  • 13/10/2020

On October 10, two multimedia «smart benches» were opened in «Nivky» park. The project was executed by the construction company «Intergal-Bud», and the benches themselves became part of a large project for the reconstruction of the western part of the park, which is currently being carried out by the developer.

The authors of the idea were inspired by the Chopin benches in Warsaw and decided to implement a similar project in Kiev. But unlike Warsaw, Kiev multimedia benches have several options: the opportunity to relax and listen to as many as eight songs about Kiev, as well as recharge your gadgets. By the way, the shops are powered by solar panels.

The grand opening of the multimedia «smart benches» was part of a large neighborhood party, which took place on the same day in the residential complex «Nyvky-Park», located near the park. The event was dedicated to the recent relocation of the complex's sales department to a new office