Intergal-Bud Company presents new environmental initiatives in 2020

  • 15/01/2020

Acceptance and support of an eco-philosophy company begins with the application of its principles by each member of the team. We became ambassadors of responsible consumption, and only then did we begin to say to our clients, "Yes, we understand that we can and should preserve our planet's resources for ourselves and future generations. We are able and must also think about what" energy should be "we leave on Earth, and how it will affect our children," says marketing director of "Intergal-Bud" Irina Mikhaleva, commenting on a new environmental initiative presented today by the developer.
 Intergal-Bud consciously supported the garbage sorting initiative for further recycling in all residential complexes, sales departments and management offices of the company. We are now on the verge of sorting our waste from the sales team at the construction site and giving our visitors the opportunity to personally support the initiative. We also do explanatory work on why we do this.
Garbage sorting is also already in place at most existing Intergal-Bud residential complexes. We give owners of apartments and offices of our complexes the opportunity to realize their own desires to conserve nature by working with the most responsible processing companies and eco-initiatives. It is natural to live in a beautiful complex surrounded by gardens, parks or lakes and worry about the environment. It is a conscious choice for a growing number of eco-friendly locals.
Today, Intergal-Bud is launching this large-scale joint initiative with Zero Waste aimed at promoting the philosophy of responsible waste management.
We rightly consider ourselves a socially responsible company. And waste sorting advocacy is the fourth strand of Intergal-Bud's eco-initiatives.
In addition to garbage sorting, this year we support the development of environmentally friendly rental vehicles in our cities. Each Intergal-Bud complex will be equipped with a rolling bicycle park this year. Last year, we have already started the implementation of the service with LCD "Nivki-Park". We are also solely developing developers in 2020 to launch a major program of cooperation with Nexbike-Kiev, which operates under the BikeSharing brand in Kiev and Odessa (with bicycles and, in the future, with electric scooters).

Much of the bike park will be branded Intergal-Bud, and our financial and organizational support will allow the service to expand its technical park, expand its geography and improve its mobile application for users.
We will continue our extensive program to support the renovation of the city's green lungs. This year we plan to plant the first fruit alleys in the residential complex "Syretskiy gardens", start the project of renovation of the park "Nivki". We will professionally clean 2 more lakes - Korolyok on Darnitsa near Prichal 8 and another lake in Gatne (Ozernyi Gai Gatne, where there are already two clean lakes with swans and ducks, thanks to us.
We will continue to fight for clean air in Ukrainian cities by investing in the development of road electric transport. We have already installed the first charging stations for electric cars and will be actively developing this area in all our complexes.
We invite all our clients to share with us our beliefs, and other responsible developers - to join the environmental initiatives of "Intergal-Bud"!
Zero Waste is a way of life where people try to minimize their own eco-trail without throwing anything into traditional garbage cans. This is primarily about plastics, but movement ideas apply to virtually all walks of life and are based on five basic principles: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot, (Discard, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Compost) ). The benefit to the planet is obvious: less plastic - less lost birds, whales and other marine life.