Guarantees from the developer

  • 06/05/2019

Сommercial Director of Intergal-Bud Anna Laevskaya in an interview for the publication “Personal Account” predicted the growth in housing prices and spoke about the most interesting proposals for potential investors.

- What are the most attractive options for buying apartments in the segments of economy, business and comfort offer your company?

- At the moment, the company Intergal-Bud provides buyers with the widest choice of housing in all segments. We are ready to meet the demands of both those who have $ 10 thousand for the initial payment for an apartment, and more affluent buyers. The main thing is that every buyer, regardless of the amount of investment, will receive quality housing and confidence that his investments are protected, and a reliable developer will fulfill his obligations on time and in full.
For example, you should pay attention to the  "Academ-Kvartal" in the segment of the comfort class. This is a complex, which is only seven minutes walk from Akademgorodok metro station. Apartments in it cost from 800 thousand UAH, with an initial contribution of 270 thousand UAH and installments from the developer to five years. In this case, the completion of the first phase of construction is scheduled for the IV quarter of this year. Kindergartens, schools, supermarkets and all the benefits of life in the capital are at your disposal. Moreover, in the complex “Academ-Kvartal” there will be built children's and sports grounds, a workout area, a kindergarten, a multi-level parking, a supermarket and a service sector.

- Of course, this is an interesting complex both in price and terms. Are there any suggestions in other segments?

- Of course. For those who like to live near the water, prefer to relax and play sports, without leaving the territory of the complex, the company Intergal-Bud offers a unique residential complex "Berth 8" on the left bank of the capital. It is located on the shore of Korolek Lake, 10 minutes from the Poznyaki metro station. This is a complex with its own beach and an equipped waterfront, with exquisite architectural solutions of houses and art objects in the territory. The LCD provides football and tennis fields, modern interactive playgrounds, a public garden and barbecue lounge areas.

- Does the company build business class housing?

- In the heart of the capital, near the metro station "Palace" Ukraine ", the company" Intergal-Bud "is building a respectable LCD" Vladimirsky. " It is located at the intersection of Vladimir-Lybedskaya and Antonovich streets.
Exquisite architecture in the style of Art Deco, stylish decoration of the entrance group - in this house everything will talk about the status of the owners. A high level of comfort in the residential complex "Vladimirsky" will provide an integrated system of "smart home".

- How do you attract buyers (mortgage, installment plans, stocks)?

- The Intergal-Bud company primarily attracts customers with its reliability, impeccable reputation in the market and the provision of investment guarantees. We give our investors three basic guarantees: timely settlement - on the dates set out in the contract, a guarantee on the quality and volume of repairs, and a long-term installment plan from the developer without the involvement of credit institutions.
Separately, I would like to note that we do not simply declare our readiness to meet the buyer’s requirements, but we prescribe our obligations and guarantees in the contract. So, if there are any negative events - for example, the buyer loses his job, or there is a loss of work capacity, or the number of children increases to five or more - then the company fixes its obligations to revise the terms of installments.

- Prices in the real estate market have frozen. In your opinion, will they grow in the future?

- At present, there really are certain prerequisites for the growth of prices in the real estate market. With the adoption of new state building codes, the number of housing being built will be reduced. Density and number of floors of buildings will be reduced.
In addition, the increase in prices will be influenced by factors of growth in demand, a gradual increase in the number of transactions in the real estate market, as well as a substantial increase in cost, which, for example, in 2018 was 35–40%.
Real estate is still the only way to save and increase capital for many people.

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