ICTV. Small flats: how to plan an apartment for your own needs

  • 10/10/2017

The ICTV facts have debunked the myth about the inconvenience of small cars and highlighted the main advantages of living in a compact apartment:"

For example, in Integral-Bud, one of the largest real estate development companies in Ukraine, customers are even given the opportunity to plan their future apartment for their personal needs.

As a result, in modern building complexes, such as "Park Lakes", in Dnipro district of the capital, or |Tradsia" in Darnytsa district, small-sized studio-type apartments have ergonomic layouts. In contrast to the old variants "khrushchevki" they have a spacious bathroom, where you can install a modern corner bath and a washing machine. Present in such “studio” even a niche under the pantry.

But the main “highlight” of modern small flats is the presence of 2 full-fledged (and not narrowed) windows and a balcony or loggia. They provide a good opportunity to zone the kitchen and room. Modern interior designers such apartments are called universal. After all, they allow you to adjust the available area for each specific buyer. As a result - in the new “studio” every square meter is used with advantage. For practical people - this is irreplaceable ".

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