ICTV. Pros and cons of living on the top floor

  • 10/10/2017

"Morning in the Big City" together with the "Intergal-Bud" told about the pros and cons of life on the top floor:

"When you choose a new apartment, you want to take into account all the details. But because of the large amount of untruthful information, you can think of something superfluous. There is a myth: living on the top floor is bad. But how is it really?Pros: the lack of neighbors over his head - this is peace and quiet. And, if you're lucky, the panorama of the city can be opened from the windows of the latter. In the new residential complexes on the upper floors can be provided storage rooms for the storage of dimensional things. Also, some developers offer duplex apartments on the top floors.Cons: If you are afraid of heights, then this option will not work for you. "