ICTV. Payment by installment from the developer or a bank loan? Myth was debunked

  • 09/10/2017

ICTV journalists have dispelled the myth about the inconvenience of home buying in parts and told about the benefits of installments from the developer:

"Until recently, the majority of Ukrainians did not understand the difference between installments from the developer and loans from financial institutions. After all, any delay in payments was associated with interest and risk. In practice, installments from the developer are much more profitable for buyers.

For example, in the residential complexes "Intergal-Bud" is one of the largest construction companies in Ukraine - the first minimum contribution starts from only 5% of the cost of an apartment. Whereas the bank will have to lay out at least a third.

Thus, by entering into an agreement directly with the developer and paying only a few thousand, you can enter into a preliminary agreement on the conclusion in the future of a contract for the sale of a new, modern apartment in the new building. Such, for example, as a residential complex "Yaskravy", in Obolon district of the capital. Note that this complex has already been commissioned".

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