Infrastructure must-have of a good new building

  • 27/02/2019

Commercial Director of “Intergal-Bud” Anna Laevskaya has told for “KyivVlast” Media, what of the social infrastructure objects the company builds, and which of them will be in demand in the medium term.

To sell apartments in the highly competitive capital market without guarantees of providing all the necessary infrastructure within walking distance, kindergarten and school is becoming increasingly difficult. The increase of the housing construction volume and the regular lag of the infrastructure segments forced the developers to independently engage in the building and management of social infrastructure facilities.

The presence of kindergartens and schools, of which there is a significant shortage in the capital, is highly demanded among the residents of new buildings. In 2019 “Intergal-Bud” has begun the construction of kindergarten in “Malachite” residential complex. The construction of kindergartens for 100 places in separate buildings in such residential complex as "Syretsky Gardens", "Academ-Kvartal", "Nyvki Park", “Traditsia” is planned. The developer has already built a kindergarten in the residential park “Park Lakes”, in which about 200 children are engaged, and also a kindergarten in the residential complex “Yaskravy” for 100 kids. Also, a secondary school and two kindergartens will be located in the residential complex “Lake Hai Gatne”.

Due to the dynamic lifestyle of a city dweller, the popularization of a healthy lifestyle grows every year, the need for rest and a pleasant pastime close to home,. That is why a proximity to green areas, a presence of a protected closed area with children’s and sports grounds, landscape design are so appreciated in residential complexes.

“That is why the concept of our company projects is “a city in a city” with a full set of infrastructure. “Intergal-Bud” designs kindergartens, modern parking lots, clinics, signs agreements with large chain supermarkets, so that each residential complex has its own grocery store.

We are the first on the market who has enter into an agreement with the company delivering international parcels that is Meest Express", - Anna Layevska reports.

The presence of parking space is another big problem. In the capital, according to Municipal Enterprise "Kyivtransparkservis", there are 531 parking lots for more than 24 thousand cars. But only as of 2018, the capital has registered more than 1 million car owners. Understanding the problem of parking in the center of Kiev, “Intergal-Bud” has purchased a separate ground parking for future residents of "Vladimirsky" RC in the center of the capital near the metro station "Palace Ukraine".

With regard to the costs and payback of social infrastructure, the costs of their construction depend on the class and size of the residential complex. Anna Layevska notes that objects of social infrastructure are usually realized at cost. For a building, for example, kindergarten, it is necessary to allocate 0,5 hectares of land. "This is the land most developers prefer to use to build a high-rise residential building in order to get the most revenue from selling square meters. "Intergal-Bud" provides social objects almost at all complexes, and builds them with their own expense completely" - says the Commercial Director of" Intergal-Bud ".

Fully material about the problem solution of social objects lack with the help of developers you can read by the link: