"Intergal-Bud" continues to build, works are on schedule

  • 20/03/2020

Today, construction work is underway at all sites without exception, and the company's sales departments also continue to work. Let me remind you, this year we started with several facilities in Kiev, one premium complex in Odessa. In the near future, work will begin on three more metropolitan sites. Now we have mobilized as much as possible to meet people's expectations and fulfill obligations to investors.

Our main task is to create a comfortable, safe, modern space for the life and work of thousands of families who have entrusted us with the fulfillment of the dream of an apartment. Intergal-Bud has enough capacity, including financial, to complete its own facilities, despite a possible decrease in demand due to quarantine. We finance construction at our own expense, and never, starting with new projects, do not rely only on current sales revenues.

In a pandemic, we as a responsible developer, of course, have maximally strengthened precautionary measures at facilities, in management offices and sales departments. All employees are provided with personal protective equipment, we check the temperature and urge all those who feel the slightest malaise not to go to work immediately to see a doctor. It plays into the hands that construction projects are open space, and builders, as a rule, work in small groups. Everyone has masks.

We also quickly developed and offered convenient remote options for services for consulting, viewing show rooms and even signing contracts so that our customers had a choice of options for communication with us during quarantine. Moreover, we are sure that these developments will be in demand by our consumers in the future. Such serious challenges help us to make a quantum leap in the development of services and the digitalization of the company.
I emphasize once again for our investors, partners, contractors and buyers: Intergal-Bud continues to build, work on all of our sites is on schedule. We are grateful to our customers who appreciated our efforts and are pleased to use the special offers that we also developed to support our customers. For example, until the end of the quarantine, we fixed the dollar to hryvnia exchange rate at 25.5 when calculating the value of real estate. We felt that this excites the buyer and received good feedback in the form of an increase in the number of applications.

We sincerely believe that this stress test will ultimately be useful for the entire market. It will test all its participants on the ability not only to create a beautiful picture, build, sell in a growing market, but also the ability to change quickly. It will identify those who not only want to make money on the construction business, but have a real margin of safety for timely and high-quality fulfillment of obligations to consumers in any conditions.