Intergal-Bud launches INTERGAL-Online, its own Telegram channel and virtual tours in showrooms

  • 16/03/2020

Real estate at any time, even in the most turbulent times, was and remains a reliable investment and a guarantee of stability. And now, despite the quarantine, we are in high demand for apartments in our residential complexes. We are grateful for your trust and we do our best to make you feel not only confident about your real estate investment, but also comfortable and secure. In our continuing sales departments, regular cleaning with surface treatment with antiseptic agents, quartzing of premises is regularly carried out, masks, hand antiseptics and vitamins are offered to visitors.
Please note that as of today, for the safety of our customers, we are also introducing online information and services.
1. News on current promotions, news read in the new Telegram-channel Intergal-Bud. We promise there will be only useful! There will also be special promotions and terms for subscribers. Subscribe to the Теlegram-канал

 2. You can get comprehensive advice by phone or Skype at any sales department. List of current skype addresses below

"Syretskiy Sady" residential complex cid.d5a82f81f87dbd28, stotska132, p.fiveyskiy, cid.762efda16ab13b54
 «Malachite, City Hub live: .cid.afaf62325fd1329c, live: 5c2b7b5e7ba29c21, lydochka304, live: .cid.2a897efa210b4b37, live: .cid.376e5341a9a9b5ba
"Prichal 8" annet0075, o.poputkina, rusova2777, live: .cid.7a2d32d7fedebe6c
Sky Avenue  live: kovallenko.vs, live: aleksandrabaklazhka
Ozerniy Gai Gatne residential complex Tatyana Martirosyan

3. You can leave the application for the selected apartment by filling out a google application.
The list of links for residential units is below

ЖК «Малахіт» заявка

ЖК «Традиція» заявка

ЖК «Озерний гай Гатне» заявка

ЖК «Нивки-Парк» заявка

ЖК «Сирецькі сади» заявка

ЖК «Володимирський» заявка

ЖК «Теремки» заявка

ЖК «Лук’янівський каскад» заявка

ЖК «Причал-8» заявка

ЖК «Академ-Квартал» заявка


ЖК  «Голосіївський» заявка

ЖК Sky Avenue заявка заявка

4. We also change the order in which demo apartments are viewed. For all our buyers this week, online telegram channels will be available online tours to the showrooms (equipped apartments) complexes "Syretsky Gardens", "Nivki Park", "Lake Grove Hatne", "Teremki".

5. It will be possible to visit show-rooms personally. Currently, we have completely canceled group visits. Only one-on-one excursions by appointment in the selected sales department are practiced. The record is maintained by the sales department.

6. The central sales department at Staronavodnitskaya 16B also has a state-of-the-art VR room, which enables virtual tour of the flagship INTTERGAL CITY complex.
You can be sure that we at Intergal-Bud are doing everything that you can safely choose and buy the apartment of your dreams.
Keep yourselves! We are always in touch!
Sincerely yours, Intergal-Bud