"Intergal-Bud" is a winner of public-approval rating!

  • 27/12/2017

Great news! "Intergal-Bud"  became a winner of Realt Golden Key public-approval rating  initiated by real estate portal Realt.ua.

According to a popular vote RC “PARKOVI OZERA” occupied first place in the ranking of comfort-class residential complexes.

Intergal-Bud itself won honorary second (first place among non-government companies!) place in nomination “Developer of public trust and confidence 2017”. Fifty one leading construction companies of Ukraine and one hundred and seven residential complexes cited their participation in the contest!

Inventor of the First public real estate ranking “Realt Golden Key” is the real estate internet-portal Realt.ua. During one month registered and new users of the portal were able to give their votes in favor of one or another developer and their projects.

According to the idea of the organizers, Realt Golden Key award should become a useful assistant for the buyers to choose a dwelling from reliable developer, to properly analyze the real estate market and avoid becoming involved in construction scams.

We sincerely appreciate the opinion of the public jury, which gave their votes for Intergal-Bud and our projects!

The list of professional national and international awards gained by Intergal-Bud in 2017 would be incomplete without public approval. On the threshold of a new year we are pleased to realize that the plans and projects of our construction company yield positive feedback from those to whom we build their comfort and cozy homes, anxious to create developed social infrastructure, high quality architectural solutions, well-designed and convenient adjoining territory.

And now, having both these wings – public and professional approval – Intergal-Bud moves forward to gain new accomplishments in 2018!