Intergal-Bud is the first resident of BC M8

  • 03/08/2020

Admit it, many of you, driving along Moskovskaya Street, wondered what the construction curtain of the house № 8B hides? The mystery has been solved - a stylish and modern M8 business center has grown on the site of the old production buildings of the Arsenal plant. Its facade has become a real decoration of the street. It could not have been otherwise, because this is exactly the task facing the team of professionals from the architectural bureau AIMM and the company "Intergal-Bud". They coped with it 100%.

"Natural materials and colors have allowed the building to gently fit into the context of Moskovskaya Street," says Anna Iskierdo, AIMM's creative director. - Dynamic plasticity of the facade and work with scale allowed to create the effect as if the building was always here. With the help of the cut corner of the upper surfaces, it was possible to reach a soft visible corner of the building from the side of the former Zoryany cinema. The bright and modern postmodern facade of the stylish business center will always be interesting and will become one of the city's landmarks. The red granite of the first floors is carefully preserved and woven into the architecture of the upper ones. ”

No less spectacular "M8" inside. According to the architects, the unifying element was granite, which is the native material for this building. Thus, the team managed to preserve its authenticity, modernizing the office center with quality materials and trendy style solutions.

The interiors of the lobby and common areas are used in a combination of modern and solutions: here and marble panels, and 3D stone panels, brass inserts, lots of greenery in the lobby and olive trees on the terrace. The real highlight of the "M8" is an art installation in the form of a chandelier, consisting of a thousand petals.

"The peculiarity of the M8 is its division into three stylistic zones, spacious and bright rooms, a stylish atrium and a terrace with views of Pechersk," says Alexander Matyukha, head of the design department at Intergal-Bud. - The first resident of M8 is the leader among private developers, Integral-Bud. Its head office is located on the top 5 and 6 floors of the business center. "

After visiting the M8, you will personally see that the Class A business center is the best thing that has happened to Kiev and commercial real estate since Ukraine's independence!

We are waiting for you!