"Intergal-Bud" starts sales in a house equipped with individual heating boilers

  • 18/07/2017

The head of the sales department of the "Intergal-Bud" company, Ksenia Pozdysheva, reported that on July 15, sales began of apartments in the house number 3 of the "!Otradny" residential complex, equipped with individual (apartment) heating boilers.

“Installing by-apartment (individual) heating boilers will save up to 30% of funds compared to a centralized system,” said Pozdysheva.

According to her, the prices for apartments in the new house start from 14,500 UAH / sq. At the same time, each buyer is waiting for a 7% discount in case of full payment for the apartment.

“You can buy an apartment in the building number 3 of the "Otradny" residential complex in installments of up to 5 years with an initial payment of 5% of the cost of an apartment,” said Pozdysheva.

She also noted that, in addition to apartments, the sale of commercial premises and storerooms also began on July 15.

“Their cost ranges from $700/ sq. m and $610/ sq. m, respectively, "- she said.

House number 3 of the "Otradny" RC designed for 123 apartments, including 1-bedroom - 62 apartments ranging from 44.67 to 50.72 square meters, 2-room - 31 apartments ranging from 68.73 to 69.94 square meters, 3-room - 30 apartments ranging from 85.22 to 85.35 square meters.

It is noteworthy that more than a third of the apartments will be offered with a "full repair" option, the cost of which is $100/ sq. m.

Recall that to date, about 60% of the monolithic work in the house has already been done, in parallel with the brickwork of the external and internal walls.

Completion of construction is scheduled for the II quarter of 2018.