"Intergal-Bud" presents a new residential complex "Lake Hai - Gatne"

  • 21/10/2015

The company "Intergal-Bud" is planing to begin the selling of apartments in the new residential complex "Lake Hai - Gatne", located on the Odessa direction in the administrative boundaries of the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district.

The concept of the project provides for the construction of a residential complex in a micro-city format with its own infrastructure, which will include a kindergarten, school, shopping and entertainment and health centers, park alleys, sports fields for children and adults, specially equipped playgrounds, football fields, convenient ground parking lot.

"Lake Hai - Gatne” complex includes natural lakes, decorated with decorative bridges, as well as recreation areas on the shore.

The development plan of the complex, which is spread over almost 50 hectares, provides for the construction of 4‒10-storey houses. Buyers will be provided with a unique concept that is not typical for country complexes: apartments with high-quality modern renovation and kitchen units.

Convenient planning solutions will very soon be able to evaluate potential buyers who are in search of housing in the suburbs of the capital, but with convenient transport links.

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