"Interagal-Bud" presents a new interactive service for customers

  • 24/06/2020

The state-of-the-art innovative service for apartment buyers, created on the basis of the latest 3D technologies, is already available to potential Intergal-Bud clients on the new sites of CITY HUB і «Озерний гай Гатне» residential complexes. In the next six months, the company plans to extend the service to other residential and commercial projects .

"We are consciously moving towards maximum digitalization of the company's work," says Iryna Mikhalova, Marketing Director of Intergal-Bud. - Now all our efforts are resulted in creating services that will allow customers to get the maximum amount of visual and factual information about our projects at the first glance. We try to be not only completely transparent, but also as user-friendly as possible. Buyers of Intergal-Bud apartments are already aware of the fact that customer’s consultation  can be provided without losses in quality both online and offline. At the very beginning of the quarantine, we were the first to deploy a full-fledged Intergal-Online program. This improvement has created great support for consumers and our sales even in those extreme conditions. Now we continue to boost our technological skills, offering customers and sales managers a new 3D-service upgraded with a convenient filtering system and efficient parameters selection.

How will the Intergal-Bud consumer benefit from the integration of the new technology?

1) Maximum visual representation of the architectural features of the project. Web site visitors will be able to easily visualize the project, define its precise location in the surrounding area.

2) Interactive tool provides a convenient search, filtering and selection of the best options for apartments, commercial real estate, storerooms, parking spaces, etc. Having set all the necessary parameters for the search – availability status, price, area in sq. m, location - the potential buyer will get comprehensive information and save the time

3) Selected apartments can be compared according to certain set of key parameters and shared with all decision-making participants via mail or messenger which will greatly simplify the process.

4) The system is synchronized with the internal Intergal-Bud database  to automatically ensure the relevance of information.

The project is implemented on the basis of FLAT.SHOW technology, which has been recently launched on the Ukrainian market.

"In the current environment, the primary real estate market is forced to adapt and provide potential buyers with a convenient tool for visual representation of the residential projects," said Vitalii Pervishyn, CEO of FLAT.SHOW, technology developer. - The client wants to be able to decide on their own, to customizeoptions and become as "warm " as possible before contacting the sales department. Therefore, the advantage will be on the side of transparent, open and clear developers. We are glad that such an outstandingcompany as Intergal-Bud has chose our product in order to provide a convenient and clear selection process for its customers. Designing the first module of the project took several months. Complete disclosure of opportunities and conveniences for customers requires the integration of several components of the company's internal IT infrastructure: development of visual high-speed 3D module, integration of CRM system, IP-telephony and 1C which were further implemented on residential complexes sites ".

"It should be noted that the module works quickly, adapted to different devices, easily integrates with existing sites," says Iryna Mikhalova . This allows you to quickly scale technology within large companies like ours. Of course, we were very helped by the fact that Intergal-Bud already has a high level of technological readiness, as well as the general enthusiasm of the sales team to digitalize all processes.