Intergal-Bud has Started Renovation of Tatarka District of the Capital

  • 24/06/2019

Intergal-Bud Construction Company started renovation of Tatarka district of the capital. Instead of landfills and gathering areas of homeless people there will soon appear a modern residential housing complex matching with the unique landscape of the area and having a developed infrastructure.

Pre-construction activities for Lukianivskyi Kaskad Housing Complex at the address Polovetska street 4 are to begin. The site renovation program includes repair of existing communications, creation of social infrastructure facilities, comfortable rest areas, construction of a new modern public transport stop and a  garbage sorting point, additional soft landscaping of the residential area.

The new complex provides for the construction of state-of-the-art playgrounds and sports grounds, recreation areas with designer landscaping, underground parking and an eco-park. The recreation area will be accessible to all residents of the area.

The project also envisages a kindergarten, which will be located on the first floors of the building. In addition, there will be commercial space that houses cafes, shops, clinics and more.

Currently, the developer has all the necessary permits and documents that allow the start of the pre-construction activities, including: Declaration of construction works commencement, technical documentation, permits of the Ministry of Culture and Kyivzelenstroi, etc. The documentation can be found on the site of the object Lukianivskyi Kaskad Housing Complex. It also contains all the progress information.

We`d like to remind you that this is not the first experience of Intergal-Bud in the life restoration of deprived areas of the capital. A good example of the renovation of an entire neighborhood is the restoration work of the Company on the former industrial area in Peremohy  Avenue, where Verkon Kyiv Machine-Building Plant was located. On the site of abandoned hangars and landfills, Nyvky Park Comfort Class Housing Complex is being built and a small town in the city is being created with complete infrastructure, surrounded by forests and with convenient transport interchange.

It should also be noted that the developer provides a developed infrastructure in all its complexes. In particular, a kindergarten has been built in Parkovi Ozera Housing Complex (for 200 children), as well as a kindergarten for 100 kids in Yaskravy Housing Complex. The company has also begun construction of kindergartens in Malachite and Tradytsia Housing Complexes. The company has also planned the construction of kindergartens in Syretski Sady, Akadem Kvartal and Nyvky Park Housing Complexes. The company plans to build a secondary school and two kindergartens in Ozernyi Hai Hatne Housing Complex.

Lukianivskyi Kaskad Housing Complex will become one of the pearls and decoration of Tatarka residential district, which will soon attract not only Kyiv residents but also guests of the capital.

Intergal-Bud was founded in 2003 in Lviv and is today it is the largest private investment and construction company in Ukraine. The company is developing a large portfolio of projects. In the course of its activity Intergal-Bud has implemented more than 74 projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate with a total area of about 3 million square meters. Along with successfully implemented projects, there is still a huge potential in the company's assets - dozens of projects under development in the capital and various cities of Ukraine.