Intergal-Bud and Ukrbud signed a memorandum on cooperation to develop RC Sky Avenue

  • 22/07/2019

Intergal-Bud, a market leader among private developers, and Ukrbud Ukrainian State Development Corporation signed a memorandum on cooperation to develop RC Sky Avenue (Kyiv).

“This project is large-scale and rather ambitious. We believe that combining the efforts and expertise of two leading companies’ teams will enhance the quality of housing and commercial real estate project implementation, and sharing experiences in marketing and promotion will give a new impulse to the development of sales systems in the market altogether,” Anna Laievska, Сommercial Director of Intergal-Bud, comments. 

As agreed by the companies, from now on, Sky Avenue sales and promotion will be organized by Intergal-Bud, and, at the same time, it will also be possible to apply for purchase of an apartment in the housing complex at the central sales office of Ukrbud.

RC SKY AVENUE is a modern comfort complex located in Kyiv just several minutes’ walk away from Sevastopolska Square along 3 Narodnoho Opolchennia Street. The Complex consists of six buildings with built-in commercial premises on the ground floor.

Each apartment in SKY AVENUE is equipped with CLAP smart house system, which is specifically-designed for Ukrbud corporation housing complexes. The public space in SKY AVENUE is designed according to the “car-free courtyard” concept ensuring a comfortable and safe adjoining territory. The creatively different buildings’ exterior focuses on the regular geometric patterns and contrast combination of light and dark.

The buildings are located in a way that creates homey and green courtyards with children’s and sports playgrounds, recreational areas. The project also provides for the construction of a kindergarten, a shopping center, a state-of-art sports facility with a swimming pool, and a roller rink. Also, a wide pedestrian promenade with a fountain in the center, green plantations and well-lit bicycle paths will pass across the entire complex. One- and two-level underground car-parks with a video surveillance system allow the car owners to feel secure about the safety of their vehicles. Furthermore, the proximity of social and cultural facilities, namely: schools, children’s early development centers, fitness clubs, beauty salons, banks, supermarkets will make the lives of families with children handy and convenient. M. Ostrovskoho and Kadetskyi Hai Parks are located nearby.

The title of RC SKY AVENUE which is translated from English as “a heavenlike avenue” speaks for its two essential features. Firstly, its location: there is Oleh Antonov State Aviation Museum nearby. Secondly, a spacious avenue with green plantings will pass across the entire complex.

Flexible purchase conditions make it possible to become a homeowner taking advantage of a special offer, interest-free installment plan from the developer or using loan programs from partner banks.