Intergal-Bud is now in Odessa! La Mer Apartment is a new wave of premium class

  • 03/09/2019

Intergal-Bud Company, a leader among non-state developers, presents its first object in Odessa! La Mer apartment complex is a unique object even for the expensive and stylish "pearl by the sea". And here are the reasons why.

Status and ultimate luxury

Apartment complex La Mer will be located on the Black Sea coast. The architecture of the complex is designed using innovative solutions. A high concentration of aesthetics of the lines and intelligent technologies, that remind of waves and ships. Expressive architecture of the wavy lines and original facade lighting are immediately visible from the sea, but at the same time they are organically integrated into the urban landscape of Odessa.

It is the first complex of premium world class apartments on the Ukrainian Black Sea coast, which corresponds to the status of its residents.



The location of the complex was not chosen by chance. The 13th Fountain (Trinadtsatyi Fontan) is the place where historically there were country houses of famous and wealthy people.

You might ask - why, in fact, fountain? The locals have such an expression: “it`s not a fountain”, which is used to say about something bad, but if something is good, is characterized with the expression “it`s a fountain”. It stems from the time when there was a shortage of drinking water in this place by the sea, and when the wells were built, people cold clean water from them “fountain” and the rest of the water was “not a fountain”.

The complex will have both common access entrances and absolutely private ones. Key cards, private individual elevators and separate entrances allow you to visit your personal space by the sea safely and privately.

The best restaurants of Odessa: Bernardazzi, di Mare, Dizyngoff, Fratelli, Dacha and the beloved Kompot, KlaraBara are located just in 15 minutes from the complex. Own premium establishments will also be opened in La Mer.



Smart architecture from the best architectural bureau of Ukraine Citadel is a combination of modern trends and forms with the local landscape. La Mer is located on the shore, at the same time, its roof is not higher than the upper level of the slope and makes it possible not to go beyond the hill and the green roof visually lengthens the landscape. The architects “moored” it, bending the sails of the sea facade in the direction of the warm waves, and the portholes - towards the city.



Construction is carried out in full compliance with the standards of coastal construction and has all permits. The project has passed all the examinations and has the highest level of safety for both residents of La Mer and for the residents of Odessa. Construction of a new access road and the construction of a retaining wall and other elements of engineering protection involves carrying out works to strengthen the slope and stabilize the landslides in the area.



The first level - commercial infrastructure (shops, boutiques, restaurants and medical facilities).

The internal infrastructure of the complex includes the following:

- two winter gardens under a glass dome;

- a sports and fitness complex;

- a club of children's development and sports;

- cafes, bars and restaurants;

- pools: outdoor and indoor;

- grocery stores and a boutique gallery;

- SPA salons;

- a helipad on the roof;

- indoor parking for 130 cars with an elevator, will take you directly to the restaurant or your own penthouse;

- observation platforms with green lobby areas on the roof;

- green recreation areas, a landscape park, etc.

The marketing launch is scheduled for September 15. Customer Advice Department operates in Sady Peremohy Entertainment Center (1st floor)