"Intergal-Bud" has celebrated the Builder's Day together with the residents and guests of "Yaskravy" RC

  • 10/08/2015

The professional holiday - the Builder's Day, the company "Intergal-Bud" has celebrated brightly and cheerfully with all residents of the complex "Yaskravy" in Obolon.

The main guests at the holiday, organized on August 9 near the house on the Degtyarenko street , 33, was, of course, young people. Young architects have designed the "City of Dreams", painted their home of the future and were awarded the title "Honored Builder of the Day". Interactive competitions, board games, funny children's disco - the holiday was wonderful!

None of the guests of the event in "Yaskravy" RC did not remain without a gift. The pleasant surprises from the company "Intergal-Bud" were not only children, but also mothers and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers of our little architects. "Intergal-Bud" is convinced that a talented young generation is growing in Ukraine and would like to see its brightest representatives in their ranks.

"Intergal-Bud" company sincerely congratulates partners and colleagues on a professional holiday! For its 12 years of activity, the developer has implemented more than 50 projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate with a total area of ​​about 700 thousand square meters.

We thank all our buyers for the trust given by the company of your choice, which once again proves that we are moving in the right direction. We wish all colleagues and partners of health, creative inspiration, bold decisions and the conquest of new building heights. May each day bring you joy and deep satisfaction with the results!