«Intergal-Bud» company installs boilers in all of its new apartments

  • 23/11/2017

Taking care of the comfort of customers, «Intergal-Bud» has provided electric boilers with sanitary connections in the apartments of residential complexes under construction.

Now buyers of apartments with repairs from the developer will not be inconvenienced even during hydraulic and repair work, when the centralized hot water supply is turned off - hot water will always be in the apartment!
Electric water heaters will be installed in residential complexes:


· “Tradition” RC (houses No. 2, 4)


· “Nyvky-park” RC (starting from houses No. 3, 4, 5)


· “Park lakes” RC (house No. 13)


· “Yaskravy” RC (houses No. 6, 7)


· “Teremki” RC (all houses)


· “Syretsky Gardens” RC (all houses).


In addition to comfort, the use of a boiler will help save a family budget.


According to experts, an average of three people uses 4.8 cubic meters of hot water. If you heat it in a boiler, in the capital for such a volume you will have to pay 153.4 UAH. (77.7 UAH. For electricity and 75.7 UAH. For cold water). According to the current tariffs, 4.8 cubic meters of hot water will cost 398.8 UAH, i.e. the difference compared to the boiler will be 245.4 UAH!


Thus, the owners of boilers will be able to save more than 60% of the usual payment for hot water every month, use it constantly and not be dependent on central water supply.