«Intergal-Bud» repaired the asphalt pavement in the yard of the kindergarten №371

  • 28/09/2020

«Intergal-Bud» continues to invest in Kyiv's infrastructure. This time the object of investment was the kindergarten №371, in the Pechersk district, next to the INTERGAL CITY complex.

Since the establishment of the institution, the asphalt pavement has not been repaired here, so some areas of the yard and the entrance group have turned into dangerous pits and cracks. The appeals of the kindergarten management to state institutions ended in nothing. The last hope was an appeal to the management of «Intergal-Bud», which agreed to help with the repairs.

The works were carried out for several weeks and as a result: the entrance group with brand new tiles, instead of pits and cracks, a smooth asphalt pavement.

See more about the preparation for the repair and its result in the story of the Kyiv TV channel. Enjoy!