«Intergal-Bud» is recognized as a development company in Kiev in 2020 according to the Ukrainian People's Prize

  • 16/10/2020

The organizing committee of the all-Ukrainian national project Ukrainian People's Prize - 2020 summed up the results of online consumer voting for the best goods and services presented on the Ukrainian market. The names of 487 winners in 24 rating categories have been announced. Among the winners in the category «Real Estate» and the construction company «Intergal-Bud», which became the development company of Kiev in 2020.

«We are sincerely grateful for every vote and appreciate the trust of our customers. The driver of the company's success is the constant desire to meet the high requirements of the modern real estate market and the expectations of buyers. We care about the interests of future residents of our complexes at the stage of choosing a place for development, because they are all located in comfortable places to live - in areas with convenient transport links, near green areas and recreation areas. All our residential complexes have their own infrastructure and services: parking lots, kindergartens, clinics, shops, cafes, places for sports and recreation. Our modern construction technologies with the use of high-quality construction materials also deserve special attention» — said Anna Laevska, Commercial Director of «Intergal-Bud».

Analyzing the main consumer sentiment, the Ukrainian People's Prize helps Ukrainians navigate the variety of goods and services that now exist in the market. And for manufacturers, this competition is an indicator of consumer confidence, which stimulates them to improve and continuous development. The history of the competition dates back to 2013. It is from this time that Ukrainians have the opportunity to take a direct part in the evaluation of goods and services presented on the Ukrainian market.