"Intergal-Bud" wins the nomination "Leader of the Construction Industry of the Year"

  • 26/03/2020

On March 24, the Directorate-General of the All-Ukrainian Program "Man of the Year" announced the results of a poll it conducted among experts from various industries - members of the award jury - and named the winners. Traditionally, the nominees include leading Ukrainian companies and celebrities.

In the nomination "Leader of the construction industry" won the company "Intergal-Bud". Experts noted the high pace of construction and reliability of the company. Thus, only in the second half of the year, "Intergal-Bud" completed work on 2277 apartments, covering an area of ​​almost 131 thousand square meters. And this is about 16% of all housing rented by all developers in the second half of the year (https://minfin.com.ua/en/realty/articles/reyting-zastroyschikov-kieva-kto-stroit-bolshe-vseh-i-vovremya /).
It is important to note that in 2019, Intergal-Bud won two major construction awards at once. The IBUILD-2019 All-Ukrainian Construction Award recognizes the company as "Builder of the Year". Experts of the EE Real Estate Project Awards have named "Intergal-Bud" "Developer of the Year".

Winning the 2019 Man of the Year is another confirmation - Intergal-Bud is a recognized leader in the real estate market.