Future technologies in action: «Intergal-Bud» has launched the AR-application INTERGAL CITY

  • 09/09/2020

The leader among private developers — the company «Intergal-Bud» has launched the AR-application INTERGAL CITY and invites investors on a journey to the future! Thanks to modern technologies, users of the application will be able to see how the futuristic towers of the INTERGAL CITY business class residential complex will look like.

In addition, using the AR application, you can see the fantastic infrastructure of the complex day and night, watch how the sun will play and shadows in the apartment chosen by the buyer during the day. The app gives you a 360° view and also has a zoom-in option to see everything in detail.

AR-application INTERGAL CITY is currently available for Android gadgets in Google Play. In the near future it will be available for the iPhone in the Apple Store.