INTERGAL CITY invites you to a virtual tour of the complex

  • 27/02/2020

A virtual tour specifically for INTERGAL CITY was created by the 3DTOUR team to present the complex to buyers. With the Valve Index helmet, which is one of the best on the market today, you get into the virtual world, which after the construction of the towers will become a reality.

The VR tour lets you clearly visualize your future home. High detail lets you see the smallest interior details and experience the scale and space of INTERGAL CITY. Walking through the apartments, you can look in every corner and appreciate the view that opens from the windows.

The VR tour has undeniable advantages over conventional 2D images. It allows you to "dive" into the atmosphere of each apartment, make an emotional connection with it and feel - this is my home! This means that the choice of the future apartment will be quite conscious and high quality.
Visit the sales team, use the VR tour option and make your choice! We promise - impressions are assured!