"INVESTBUDGALYCHYNA" organized a holiday for young residents of "Park Lakes" and "Yaskravy"

  • 19/12/2016

On December 17-18, the celebration of St. Nicholas Day, organized by the operating company "INVESTBUDGALYCHYNA" with the support of the "Intergal-Bud" company, took place in the residential complex "Park Lakes". Merry draws and contests, catchy songs, games with fairy-tale characters, of course, pleased the little residents of the complex. And, of course, every child received a gift: books, Christmas toys, sweets.

The celebration took place in the Polyarny shopping center, located next to the Yaskravy residential complex.

Kids and adults could take part in creative workshops, make themselves a carnival mask and original accessories, attend a masquerade ball, light a festive Christmas tree and take a picture with fairy-tale characters!

Congratulations to all on the Day of St. Nicholas and wish fulfillment of cherished desires!