Mortgage in Ukraine: where to get money for an apartment

  • 27/04/2017

Currently, Ukraine is experiencing a protracted crisis, which is associated with the depreciation of the national currency, falling income levels and rising unemployment. The real estate market is very sensitive to changes in the country. It is not necessary to hope that housing due to the crisis will become more accessible.

During the construction phase (before putting the house into operation), the buyer can enter into a preliminary contract for the sale of an apartment with the following payment options: 100% payment. With full payment, the buyer can be given a discount of up to 10%. Short and long term installments. Down payment ranges from 5%, installment period - up to 10 years.

In most cases, buyers prefer installments from the developer - 30% of the total number of buyers use this service, another 2% choose a mortgage program from the bank, the rest make 100% payment.

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