«Intergal-Bud» announces that an additional parking will be available for residents of the «Vladimirsky» residential complex

  • 08/01/2019

Building company «Intergal-Bud», realizing the problem of parking places in the center of Kyiv City, acquired an overground parking for future residents of the «Vladimirsky» residential complex. The premises is located on Antonovich Street just in two minutes from the complex and is designed for 130 cars. 

An every family, that lives in the «Vladimirsky» residential complex, will have the opportunity to purchase a first-class parking lot. The parking will be equipped with modern fire safety, security and video surveillance systems. 

«Intergal-Bud» is already starting the reconstruction of the parking and major repairs. So the residents of the «Vladimirsky» complex will have a safe and modern place for their automobiles in the near future.