"Intergal-Bud" company launches a pilot project of the renovation of dilapidated housing in Kyiv

  • 01/04/2019

Why "Intergal-Bud" company took up the resettlement of residents of dilapidated housing, what conditions offer "immigrants" and what happens - in an interview for real estate search portal Adress.ua told Anna Laevskaya, commercial director of the construction company "Intergal-Bud": https: // address.ua/soobshestvo/obzory/led-tronulsya-v-kieve-zapuschen-pilotnyij-proekt-renovatsii-starogo-zhil-ya-9103/

Address.ua: Anna, “Intergal-Bud” is the only company in Kyiv that participates in the program of reconstruction of the old housing stock? Why did you decide to become the "pioneers"?

- Let's start with the fact that there is no specific program for the reconstruction of the old housing stock in Ukraine. There is a law of 2006 “On the complex reconstruction of quarters (microdistricts) of obsolete housing stock”, but it does not really work.In 2017, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services announced the preparation of a new draft law, but it also does not exist. Therefore, the reconstruction of the outdated housing stock is constrained by unresolved issues in the legislation.

Why did we become the "pioneers"? Probably because the company understands the level of its social responsibility, and it is not in the three pines planted near the new residential complex, but in relation to people, in this case, in an effort to improve their living conditions. We studied in detail the site where we plan to build the project, analyzed the condition of the neighboring residential buildings and the slope, and after that we took the initiative to resettle the housing stock, which is located next to the construction site. People should not live in communal apartments, where the room is 18 sq.m. and there are 4-8 people, one shower and one toilet on the floor.

Address.ua: You started with the houses on Makarovskaya street. Why were chosen these houses? Where will you relocate the residents? What will happen to these houses? Will it be a reconstruction, or will houses be demolished, and build new houses in their place?

- The houses on Makarovskaya Street 1 and Akademika Romadanova Street, 19a. of the Shevchenkovsky District are in a pre-emergency condition and have a deviant roll.

Our building plot is in close proximity to these houses. This gives us the opportunity not to demolish houses, but first to resettle residents, providing them with ready-made apartments in residential complexes of the company “Intergal-Bud”.

That is why we are preparing for the resettlement of residents of three houses for 240 apartments built 50-60 years and the construction of a new residential complex comfort class "Kiev Switzerland" to 90 thousand square meters. 

Under the condition of the demolition of houses, the company will be able to build another 30-35 thousand square meters of housing.

Address.ua: How is the resettlement process? What is the relocation algorithm? How do you plan to work with objections: I want an apartment exclusively on the 7th floor; I want the windows to be north / south, etc.?

- The exchange rate of old apartments for new will be 1.1-1.2. Moreover, in the case when the area of ​​apartments will be very small (for example, in a hostel on Makarovskaya St., 1), we will provide a greater coefficient. In particular, in new apartments the owners of such apartments will receive a 20-30% more space.

At the same time, the company will provide a bank guarantee to further support the fulfillment of obligations to residents. Firstly, we will conclude preliminary barter agreements, later - the main ones (barter agreements). The key point - the relocation of residents will be held in the ready-built apartments in the "Intergal-Bud" complexes or in a part of the apartments of the new residential complex on Makarovskaya Street (if the residents are not satisfied with the options that are now available from the developer).

In the first house, the company will design apartments with layouts that are not available in other residential complexes of the developer, in order to ensure the relocation of some residents with small apartments.Unfortunately, we do not always have the format of apartments, which we must provide the residents of these houses. For example, we do not have smart apartments, but we are ready to redesign the second section of the first house in order to meet the needs of all tenants.

After obtaining the consent of all residents, we plan to resettle them into new sections, which will be built within our land and in the future carry out the demolition of old buildings that are located near our territory.

Address.ua: Did you plan which houses will be next?

- As you rightly noted at the beginning of the interview, this is the first project not only for our company, but also for Kyiv as a whole. Therefore, in our plans so far successfully complete the resettlement of these houses and provide residents of Makarovskaya Street with new apartments, and the city has a renovated and equipped neighborhood.

Address.ua: Dialogue with the residents. How do you negotiate with residents to get 100% or under the new law 75% of the agreement. After all, apartments in new homes go without repair, and people will need to spend a lot of money on repairs. Determining the location of new apartments that you offer for relocation, how is it going?

- We began a dialogue with the residents at the stage of preparing the draft of a new residential complex. And we understand their concerns and some distrust. After all, they had once been promised resettlement and new apartments. Several meetings have already been held with representatives of the company and residents; now the process of collecting signatures for resettlement and the selection of new apartments for residents is actively underway.

Once again I draw your attention, we do not demolish houses, settling tenants in temporary housing, somehow implies the law. We, in fact, are replacing old squares with new renovated apartments in our residential complexes.

Let me remind you that the company Intergal-Bud builds and sells apartments with full repairs from the developer, so the residents of Makarovskaya Street will not spend a lot of time and money for repairs - they will move to finished housing, where there will be both plumbing and built-in furniture in the kitchen.

Address.ua: Renovation of old housing entails the renovation of social infrastructure. Are there any considerations on how to upgrade social infrastructure (schools, kindergartens) in the future - polyclinics. This is a fairly large amount of work. Who should take on this responsibility the developer or city administration?

- The project will begin with the construction of retaining walls with a length of about 800 m in order to stabilize the slopes and ensure the future safe operation of the complex and neighboring houses.

As part of the project, the company will also expand and repair the existing road on Makarovskaya street and the road that connected this area with the Podolsk descent.

That is, the second transport highway will be provided, which will allow to connect this area with another part of the city. Also, the engineering networks will be fully repaired and modernized, which will allow not only to provide with communications the new RC, but also to reconnect the existing buildings to the new engineering networks. In addition, we took the responsibility to build two kindergartens within the complex: one - instead of the current one, the second - an additional one for more than 100 children.

Address.ua: What is the interest of the developer here?

The interest of the developer here is quite transparent: resettling tenants allows us to improve the environment and increase the attractiveness of "Kiev Switzerland" RC project, to carry out construction work without conflict and war with local residents who fear for the condition of their homes. Moreover, we get the opportunity to use the land under dilapidated houses and thus, in addition to the already planned volume, we can build about 30-35 thousand m2 of new housing in this neighborhood. Of course, we could go on the Indian principle and isolate ourselves from the outside world with a huge fence, but we went the other way. We cannot leave people in houses on Makarovskaya Street to live in the conditions in which they are now. A resettlement program is possible only with the interaction of private business, residents themselves and local authorities.