Young Designers Contest was Held with Support of Intergal-Bud

  • 09/07/2019

On July 8, one of the largest and most influential international fashion-events in Eastern and Central Europe - the International Young Designers Contest took place in the Art Arsenal. Intergal-Bud Construction Company became a partner of the competition. The competition was organized by Ukrainian Fashion Council and IED-Istituto Europeo di Design.

Anastasia Padalka became the winner of the competition among designers and Yakov Zhylin was named the best among photographers.

The guests of the event and journalists from more than 10 countries could not only get acquainted with a gust of fantasy and a riot of textures of fabric and accessories, but also witness the photo shoot that took place on the territory of Ozernyi Hai Hatne Residential Complex of Intergal-Bud.

“The new style of International Young Designers Contest was created on the basis of Kyiv visual culture. This culture, which can be described as design povera, is familiar to all residents of the city and it certainly strikes a foreign tourist. It is reflected in signs, menus, billboards, schedules, advertisements and road signs. Being different from other visual cultures, it makes Kyiv be a unique phenomenon in the field of design. IYDC style is inspired by Kyiv aesthetics, because IYDC is primarily about Kiev and its place on the fashion map of Europe,” - said Oles Herhun, design director, partner of Method Buro.

Kiev is developing, being built, and that is why the location for the filming of models has become the construction site of the company Intergal-Bud. The combination of building landscapes and exquisite, bright outfits showed an amazing mix of two contexts: construction and fashion.

International Young Designers Contest is a professional event that brought together the representatives of the international media, the countries participating in the contest and the leading Ukrainian fashion publications.