• 07/05/2018

Intergal-Bud offers effective way to save and multiply your savings. Investments in real estate may become an actual solution for this problem, which idea is supported by several weighing arguments. Among multiple ways of investments (bank deposits, mutual share funds, stocks, bonds, Forex, cumulative insurance, gold and precious metals) investments in real estate feature the lowest risk and are the most profitable.

Advantages of this type of investments :
• low risk of loss the capital (subject to the deal with reliable developer);
• high liquidity of capital (any time the flat can be sold, donate, inherit or offer for rent);
• predicted profitability of assets (it is deemed reliable instrument for investment since the price for real estate in new-builds of the capital city rises or steady);
• minimal operation costs (investments in real estate require less operational expenses compared to other businesses);
• high security of investments (deposit account may suffer from financial crisis, insolvency of a bank, devaluation etc.).

To gain guaranteed profit from purchasing the apartment there are minimum two ways of its use. First – income from the leasing; in this case it should be furnished and equipped. Next – purchasing the apartment for further profitable resale.

Famous Ukrainina developer “Intergal-Bud offers to consider an option to buy 1-room flat in its complexes for further leasing. For instance, let’s consider apartments in RC “Traditsiya” in Pozniaky district and RC “Yaskravyi: in Obolon.

Estimation of cost-effectiveness of such investment guarantees monthly income of at least 7,500 UAH!


Estimation of cost-effectiveness at settlement of 100% of the flat price


RC Yaskravyi

RC Traditsiya

Floor area, m2



Price for the flat with decoration, UAH

720 000

760 000

Furniture and equipment, UAH

70 000

70 000

Flat is ready for lease, UAH

790 000

830 000

Rent, UAH per month

8 000

8 000

Income, UAH per annum

96 000

96 000

Payback /years






Renting out the property provides stable income irrespective of changes of bank interest rates in Ukrainian banks. Certainty, the advantage of purchasing the flat for further lease is the high liquidity of the housing real estate itself, especially in capital region. So at any time the owner may terminate the lease and sell it to obtain much greater price compared to that initially invested.
Buying apartments for further resale could be advantageous business! The secret is in significant difference in prices between the cost of apartments at the initial stage of construction and that in the building, which has been put into operation. The price difference may reach USD 250 per square meter.
The curve bellow shows the sample of changing the price for 1-room apartment in Darnytsa district of Kyiv starting from the date of the title for the flat (approximately during 18 months).

Now let’s compare the efficacy of investment into real estate and that of deposit account. Following the depositing 24,600 USD an investor will receive 26,076 USD in 1.5 years based on the annual interest rate of 4%. Hence, cost-effectiveness of such investment will amount 6%.

The same sum could be spent for purchasing an apartment in primary housing market, at the initial stage of construction, with floor area of 38 m2. In 1.5 years the price per one square meter in the building put into operation will rise in average up to 890 UAD per m2 and the profitability of such investment will total 36%!

Thus, purchasing apartment one can ensure stable, reliable and predictable profit from real estate. Currently Intergal-Bud is erecting 11 residential complexes in the capital city and its suburbs of total floor area of 900 thousand square meters. Apartment in various district of the city and at different stages of completion are available for sale.
To invest money into apartment and so gain stable and long-term profit could be surely one of the effective ways to secure your capital.